Embitious Wellness Group     

Toronto Based Strength & Wellness

Fitness Couples Retreat
June 2018

Running, Strength Training and Yoga

Looking for a healthy fitness holiday with your partner that will re-set you both on the pathway to a healthier lifestyle?

This is an opportunity to spend quality time together, away from work and distractions. Fill yourself and your partner up with love, energy, and motivation to continue your health journey when you return home. 

Refresh your relationship physically, and emotionally:

- Learn more about yourself and your mate

- Focus on each other 

- Sharpen communication skills

- Explore the willingness to overlook the small irritants

Each day will balance activities with free time to relax, reflect, or go explore on your own or with others.  Enjoy a nice dinner and laughing with other couples during the Fitness Couples Retreat. One of the ways people fall in love in the first place is by doing fun things together. Continuing to do fun activities together throughout your relationship can strengthen your affection for one another.