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You're smart and successful. So why are you STILL struggling with your self-care?

My guess is that no one taught you the secrets of real self-care. 

Once you learn them, your breakthrough isn't far.

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Self-Care Coaching
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You Want To:

  • Learn about Self-Care
  • Practice daily 
  • Want to put yourself first
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Meet other like-minded women 

You Get:
  • Weekly Online Group Coaching (Phone or Video Conference) 
  • Meet-Ups and Event nights 
  • Explore Self-Care Education
  • Discover your 4 pillars for Self-Care
  • Personalized Self-Care Plan
  • Direction , Accountability, & Support
  • Increased Self-Efficacy & Confidence
  • More love & abundance

Elise with Dr. John Demartini,
Performance and Behavior Specialist  

Elise with Tosca Reno,

Eat Clean and Fitness 


Your Joy of Stress Plan

Recognizing that you are stressed, and knowing how to cope with it can make you feel better.

  1. Identify the stressful situation: What is upsetting you? 

  2. Identify your signals: How are you feeling about the situation? 

  3. Brainstorm your options: What can you do?
  • Change the situation
  • Change how you react to the situation 
  •  Change how you look at the situation

Elise with Frank Toskan
Co-Founder of MAC Cosmetics
Elise with Mandy MyIrea
Tabata Bootcamp

Embitious Strategy

These tools and skills will help you to get better at dealing with stress, but there is no such thing as a stress-free life.

  • You are here. Accept where you are and go from there.

  • Don’t try to please everyone. Leave something for yourself.

  • Stress can be an energizer. Harness that energy and focus on a task.

  • Be active. Look for ways you can start to make some plans.

  • Laugh. Look for opportunities to laugh.

  • Take charge of yourself. You can’t control other people.

  • Relax. Create quiet time, meditate, listen to music.

  •  Give yourself a break. Pause and do something for yourself.

CEO and Founder of Goodlife 
Elise with Katherine Switzer
"Marathon Woman"
Nourishing yourself in a 

way that helps you

blossom in the direction 

you want to go

is attainable, and 

you are worth the effort. " 

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Mountain hiking, Bungee Jumping in New Zealand. Scuba diving, Surfing and a Half-Marathon in Australia. 

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