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About Elise Manolakos

Registered Kinesiologist 

As a Registered Kinesiologist with over 12 years of applied knowledge and hands on experience, Elise is passionate about helping people choose healthy habits to reduce stress in their lives. She started as a physiotherapy assistant treating patients in long-term care and quickly learned that there is no value in material things unless you have your health.

Elise empowers her personal training clients through choice and challenge to build confidence. As a competitive athlete herself, she understands the journey to achievement and greater confidence in one's self. Elise has completed 4 national marathons, 1 Olympic distance triathlon, and continues to play soccer.

Elise has extensive experience in working in athletic programs at George Brown College, exercise prescription lab management at Humber College,  and in business development for start up businesses' in the fitness industry. She also has enjoyed time volunteering at places such as The Arthritis Society, building health awareness for charity.

My Story

2010 - Completed Education at Guelph University & George Brown College

2011 - Registered for a marathon on the Great Wall of China and raised over $8,000 for The Arthritis Society. 

2012 -  Moved to Australia for 1 year. Started an Australian personal training business in a small mining town in Queensland. 

2013 - Upon returning home from an adventure of a lifetime, she experienced an all-time low and had to re-start her life again

2014 - Started and operated a small fitness boutique downtown Toronto (Electro-Muscle Stimulation Personal Training).

2015 - Experienced high anxiety followed by a deep depression. Hired at University Health Network and George Brown Colleges Athletics. 

2016 - Fired from the company she help build from scratch and started her 4th fitness business #embitious.

2017 - Leading women's retreats, self-care solutions, and personal training.

EMbitious Health & Muscle Community was born to help others maintain active living for life!

If you see Elise at an event, working at a fitness studio or on the street, please don’t hesitate to come up to her and say hello, and share part of your journey with her. 

  • Great Wall Marathon (China)
  • Sunshine Coast Marathon (Australia)
  • Christchurch Marathon (New Zealand)
  • Grand Canyon Marathon (USA)
  • Toronto Waterfront Marathon (Scotiabank)
  • Toronto Marathon (Goodlife)
  • Race for the Kids (Charity for Kids with Mental Health) 

  • Olympic Triathlon (Toronto)
  • Ironman 70.3 (Muskoka 2017)

Obstacle Course:
  • Spartan Obstacle Race
  • Mud Hero Obstacle Race

  • 60 Km Walk (2 days)
  • Walk for the Cure (5 km Charity for Breast Cancer)